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Brain Tonic / Badam Pak

About Brain Tonic Ingredients Dosage Question and Answers
Memory Enhancer

Herbal Brain tonic and health improver - A whole natural blend of some superior best Indian Herbs, that are used from centuries to improves circulation towards the brain cells and improves memory retention and general health. Some well known benefits of  Badampak- Brain tonic are :

  • Regular use of Brain tonic improves memory retention, promotes general health.
  • Activates brain cells to improve memory in different ages to enhance learning recall and retention, improves mental alertness, mental clarity, concentration, reduce stress and tension.
  • The rare superior herbs present in the brain tonic improves transmission of nerve impulses,  as a result the damaged neurons are repaired which further restores synaptic activity.
  • Boosts adequate circulation of blood into the brain, delivering the right amount of oxygen needed by it.
  • Regular use of Badam Pak – Herbal supplement for memory enhancement helps releasing serotonin, a neuro transmitter and is reported to improve the intellect.
  • The main ingredient Badam (Almond) having the medicinal virtues arise chiefly from pharmaco dynamic action of copper, iron, phosphorus and vitamin B in it,. These chemicals exert a synergic action - i.e. increased energy due to joint action and helps forming new blood cells, adding to hemoglobin and play a key role in keeping smooth physiological functions of brain, nerves, bones, heart and liver. Thus this brain tonic is highly beneficial in preserving the vitality of the body, strengthening the muscles and in prolonging life.
  • Vary helpful and Beneficial in Chronic constipation
  • This all natural memory improvement supplement is very useful in case of loss of sexual energy which usually happens due to  nervous debility and brain weakness. Regular use of Brain tonic will strengthen sexual power.
  • Besides strengthening brain, This supplement is also useful in problems of bronchial diseases, hoarseness and tickling cough.
  • This Herbal supplement is a rich source of vitamin E (especially alpha-tocopherol form of vitamin E that is most efficiently used by the human body) and is good for skin. Intake of Badam pak also improves skin complexion, removes skin dryness and the scaling of skin.
  • Very rich source of monounsaturated fat, one of the two ‘good’ fats responsible for lowering LDL (low density lipoprotein) cholesterol and elevating HDL (high density lipoprotein). A controlled trial showed that 50-100 g of badam pak in the daily diet reduced LDL cholesterol by as much as 9.4 % and increase HDL cholesterol by 4.6%.
  • This  all natural supplement for brain enhancement / memory improvement contains folic acid which is believed to help in lowering the levels of homocystein (the amino acid that is thought to contribute to the build of fatty plaques in arteries.
  • Being a good Brain tonic and rich source of Vitamin E and Folic acid, it is a good supplement for hair growth.
  • Being Rich in  fibrous ingredients this herbal preparation for memory enhancement also improves movement of the food through the gut.  which is good for digestion and also prevents peptic ulcers and colonic cancer.
  • A latest research shows that the active ingredient of this natural brain tonic - almond contains a moderate fat which when consumed results in greater satiety and sustained weight loss as compared to a low fat diet containing  the same amount of daily calories. Badam pak works as energy booster.
  • This Improve memory supplement is very beneficial in combating life style diseases as obesity and other cardiovascular diseases and can be taken daily throughout the year
  • This whole natural Brain supplement is considered as a nutritive for brain and nervous system. it is also said to induce high intellectual level and longevity. It also boosts up the immunity.

Badam, Ghrit, Mishri, Jaiphal, Javitri, Trikatu, Dalchini, Tejpatra, Ela, Vidarikand, Kawanch Beej, Safed Musli, Salam Misri, Tavkshiri, etc.

3-5 Gms Twice daily with Milk/ or as convenient

Question & Answers
Que : What is Badam Pak Brain Tonic and How it could Improve memory and Brain power?
Badam Pak is a time tested natural formulation used as a Brain tonic to strengthen the brain. It is a blend of various natural herbs including Almonds and as we all are aware that almonds are natural  rich source of vitamin E (especially alpha-tocopherol form of vitamin E), Iron, Phosphorus, Magnesium and essential fatty acids hence they play a vital role in nervous debility, strengthening brain and skin related uses.

Que : Does Badam pak also improves immunity?
Yes, Definitely – The active ingredients of Badam Pak are used from centuries for immunity enhancement.

Que :How can I improve my memory of things that happened days and months ago?
Regular use of Badam Pak  brain tonic activates brain cells to improve memory in different ages to enhance learning recall and retention, improves concentration, mental alertness, mental clarity, reduce stress and tension

Que : Can a chid use  Badam Pak?
Yes, ofcourse, Badam Pak is a very powerful herbal Brain tonic for improving nervous debility, immunity, improving memory etc.  It is very useful for both, body and mind. It helps in revitalizing the body, relieves stress, anxiety, palpitation, hypertension and general body weakness. These are completely safe, natural remedies and can be used safely by children, females and adults.


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